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CIMB Islamic Bank Menara Bumiputra-Commerce No. 11, Jalan Raja Laut 50350 Kuala Lumpur.As of personal loans in Malaysia, there are no collateral nor guarantor is needed for the loan.


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Personal Loan Analysis Tarikh:- 14 Ogos 2013 No Bank 1 Alliance Islamic RHB Islamic Bank Berhad Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad Bank Rakyat PERSONAL FINANCING-i AWAM.Bank Islam personal financing offers a host of great features and benefits to customers.

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The personal loan application process is simple and quick which gives customers options to fulfill their financial needs without much hassle.The personal loan provided by the Bank Islam offers highest margin of finance that goes up to 100%.Applicants can even loan more than RM 200,000 if they provide collateral as security to Bank Islam.Currently the bank accepts only one mode of payment which is standing instruction facility.Valid Government servant and Government Link Companies (GLC) staffs only.

Bank Islam does not require a guarantor for processing your personal loan request.Business partners and sole proprietors are also eligible to apply if their business has been in existence for two or more years.

Whether you are looking forward to buying a new stereo system for your car or even a casual trip to Maldives or Australia with your family, this personal loan, this personal loan might turn out to be very helpful especially if you are looking for competitive profit rates.The maximum repayment period allowed is 60 months which gives customer sufficient time to choose the most affordable installment amount.This product is Shariah compliant and is based on Tawarruq buy and sell concept.

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In case the customer does not have a current account, he may open one before applying for the Personal Loan.Applicants will have to bring the followings when applying for this loan.

Any other latest supporting document such as EPF statement, if required.Standard Chartered Bank offers you a 5 minute process to apply.Pinjaman Peribadi Bank Islam Awam. bank islam personal loan table.

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You can also, get personal finance against structured finance, fixed deposit or unit trust.

This may not be a good advantage during good economy times but is certainly beneficial during recession period where interest rates can shoot over 10% in Malaysia.Personal loan guarantor is not required to sign the personal loan application.

Personal Takaful Financing Plan (PTFP) is compulsory with the loan.You can also check out details about the Bank Islam personal loan below, such as the fees involved and what you need when you want to apply for one.

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Loan secured against unit trust: The margin of finance is 60%.

Applying For A Personal Loan As A Foreigner Working In Malaysia.Check out the Bank Islam Personal Loan to see the approval times, repayment terms, and associated fees.Your Bank Islam Personal Loan amount eligibility is based on these factors.

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Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad is an Islamic bank based in Malaysia that currently provides Shariah-compliant card services and mobile banking.If you are looking for a product that has been inspired by smart banking techniques and at the same time has the best of conventional banking that you are so familiar with the Bank Islam personal loan is the perfect option for you.Bank Rakyat Personal Loan (i-Aslah). ini hanya untuk anggota-anggota kakitangan kerajaan Malaysia dan tanpa memerlukan apa-apa cagaran atau penjamin.. loan,bank,personal loan,pinjaman peribadi,pinjaman perumahan,pinjaman kereta,hire pur,loan lulus,blacklist,ccris,ctos,loan mudah,duit,wang,senang...Apart from offering personal loan, Bank Islam offers other products and services which includes.There are no processing charges when you apply for the loan however there will be a chargeable RM 50 Wakalah fees for this product. A 0.55% Stamp duty is also applicable which is based on the loan amount. A 1% p.a penalty will be charged for any late repayment.Also, being a hard core Shariah law of financing initiatives in Malaysia, they also ensure that the personal loan options do not come to people with hidden charges or even processing fees.

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